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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Family Halloween Party

We had a family Halloween Party at Aaron and Haley's with a way fun spook alley. Hayley dressed up with Rachelle and they just put on everything they could find. Kelsey recently broke her arm so she dressed up as a hospital patient. I found my old pirate costume from like 1st grade so I wore that. Notice how cute my mom is looking? Thats because she dressed up as me. :). She even got hit on from a dude at the store we stopped at on the way there. She needs to dress up like me more often. ;)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Random Pictures

We finally went out and bought a new memory card. Here our a few random pictures that we have taken since we got it:

This picture speaks for itself.

My mom and Mitchell swinging at the playground.

I thought this picture was really cute. Kelsey took it of our cousins Brynn and William while we were babysitting.

We never seem to be able to get Mitchell shoes that fit...

Mitchell's new favorite thing to do; ride on Grandma Greats walker.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Sorry that its been a long time without a new post. We lost our memory card for our camera and are still getting around to getting a new one!

Monday, July 28, 2008


I just got back from a trip to Idaho with my aunt Lynn, all of her kids besides Taylor, and my Grandma Warner. It was a way fun trip! We stayed at Lynn's parents house in Cascade. Here are some pictures that I took while I was there:

On our way to Cascade, Idaho we stopped in Twin Falls and we walked through the new Twin Falls temple.

First thing we did when we got to Cascade was ride on their way fun zip line. The only problem with the zipline was all the bugs at the top. We got eaten alive!

One day we went to McCale to site see. We stopped at a fire station. It not your normal fire station though. The fire fighters here are called Smoke Jumpers. They parachute out of a plane into the fire area and instead of putting the fire out they just cut around the fire so that it just burns itself out.

They let Thomas dress up in the uniform. The uniform alone weighs a ton but they have to jump with 110 or more pounds on their back. After they have put the fire out they have to hike for 2 to 3 days out to be picked up.

Their mascot is none other than Smokey the Bear.

The fire fighters have to sew their own parachutes.

After every jump they hang them up and check for damage. If it is damaged at all they get to fix it themselves.

We got to go in the planes that they ride in. They don't have any doors. The cover we were holding is only for the rain.

This is the cockpit of the plane.

One day we went to the hot springs. This was our favorite pool because it was the perfect temperature and had sand on the bottom.

Note: Curtis liked to be in every possible picture he could.

We also went to this old antique store. My grandma was in heaven.

This store has been around for a while itself.

Grammy sitting in an old dentist chair in the store.

This picture was taken right before grandma and I left to Boise to fly home to Provo.

I had so much fun and want to thank the Warners for an awesome trip!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Jackson Hole

We just got back from our summer trip to Jackson. It was a blast!

We took this picture from the car on our way to Afton.
We lost Mitchell's shoes so we had to stop and buy him some. These were the only size left.

Mitchell zonked out on the way up.

Bigfoot! we took pictures with him in one of our favorite stores. Mitchell was terrified.

We went to see the Moulton cabin and saw a ton of Buffalo. This one was the biggest.

We had to stop and wait while they all crossed the road.

The babies were so cute!

We went on a carriage ride and lucky enough my friend Cami's mom saw us! She came and invited us to go river rafting with them down the snake river the next day...

After lots of convincing we got my mom to let us go rafting. Hayley, Grammy, and I were the ones that went! I was terrified before we even got out there. I almost changed my mind about going.

But I am so glad I went! It was one of the best experiences ever! My friend does it every year for a week and I am going all week next year!

I thought I had a great time but you should have seen Grammy. She could hardly eat breakfast she was so excited. She totally loved it! It was our favorite part of the trip.

Neighborhood BBQ

We had a BBQ with our friends up the canyon.

After eating all of my ice cream Mitchell moved on to his own.

He made quite a mess while he ate it.

Afterwards we played our favorite game, sit in a circle and see who Mitchell will come to. Turns out Mitchell doesn't like any of us and just loves the attention. He just sat in the middle trying to show off for everyone.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Hayley, Mithchell and I all got our pictures taken from our aunt Haley. These our a few of our favorites: